Equipment Locks


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Photo of: PACLOCK PL410-PRO lock out tag out padlock

PACLOCK PL410-PRO Lock Out Tag Out Thermoplastic


Used for Lockout Tag Out operations or personal use. Comes with write-on safety labels and…

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Photo of: PACLOCK UCS-444A Blue

PACLOCK Hidden Shackle Aluminum Lock for Carrying Cases


Engineered for specialty carrying cases, PACLOCK’s UCS-444A provides the best security to protect your instruments,…

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Photo of Backhoe Lock

Backhoe Lock


The Backhoe Lock secures the forward/reverse drive control and steering wheel in the turned position leaving the…

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A Skid Steer Lock in Orange Color

E-Series Skidsteer Lock


The E-Series Skidsteer Lock simply slides around one of the skid loader’s drive control levers…

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Photo of: PACLOCK UCS-6A

Aluminum Chain Locking System for 8mm Chain


PACLOCK’s UCS-6A is a padlock that includes a one-handed “pop-top” operation and chain retention hook…

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Photo of: PACLOCK UCS-17A-600

PACLOCK Hidden-Shackle Aluminum Block-Lock-Style Lock


The UCS-17A-600 Small Block Lock includes a hidden-shackle design and has a spread that is…

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Photo of: PACLOCK UCS-10A Aluminum Job Box Lock

PACLOCK UCS10-A Aluminum Job Box Lock


The UCS-10A is the only purpose-built padlock for your job boxes ~ compatible with Knaack,…

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Photo of Attachment Lock

Attachment Lock


The Attachment Lock secures the attachment onto the machine by locking the arms in the down position.…

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Photo of: Stabilizer Lock

Stabilizer Lock


The Stabilizer Lock secures the stabilizer, outrigger and steering cylinder in the fully extended position locking a…

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Photo of: The Equipment Lock Company Skidsteer Lock

Skidsteer Lock


The Skidsteer Lock, when in place, makes it nearly impossible to gain access to the skid…

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Photo of: The Equipment Lock Company Cushion Tire Lock

Cushion Tire Lift Lock


Securing your forklift can help prevent not only theft, but unauthorized use. The Cushion Tire Lift…

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