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Wheel to Pedal Lock – Keyed random

Wheel to Pedal Lock


The Wheel to Pedal Lock easily secures the steering wheel in the turned position while attached to…

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Pipe Descaler on Transparent Background

Pipe Descaler/Cleaners


Used to descale or clean cast iron or ductile iron pipe prior to installing a…

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Photo of: Corporation Cleaners

Corporation Cleaners


Corporation Cleaners are used to clean out corporation stops with that are totally or partially…

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Photo of: Valve Box Cover Bar

Valve Box Cover Bar


Most valve & roadway box covers have skirts on them so they won’t flip out…

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Photo of: Gate Valve Speed Wrench

Gate Valve Speed Wrench


Ideal for operating valves with 2″ AWWA nut, either in the trench or in the yard. Allows use of both hands for extra leverage.

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Photo of: Knuckle Saver

Knuckle Saver Flaring Tool


Whether you are flaring Type K soft copper, or using it to “re-round” copper for use with compression fittings, the KnuckleSAVER™ flaring tool provides safety from injuries.

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Photo of: Valve Opening Direction Plate

Valve Opening Direction Plate


The Valve Opening Direction Plate is unique as the plasma cut arrow on the disc makes it open right & open left. Open right (red), open left, (black).

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Gator Grip Key Adapter 2" Sq. (M) x 1" Sq. (M)

Gator Grip Key Adapter 2″ Sq. (M) x 1″ Sq. (M)


To fit standard gate keys with mud slot. This adapter can be used with any…

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Corporation E-Z Outs


Our new style E-Z Out is used to extract the brass stub of a corporation…

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4 1/2′ Pitometer Key


This wrench is used to operate a pitometer air release valve. Our standard length is…

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Photo of: Plug insertion tool.

Plug Insertion Tool


A unique tool developed for the gas industry. It is used to hold square plugs from 3/4-2 inch while changing out gas services.

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Photo of: Telescopic Gate & Curb Wrench For Water and Gas

Telescopic Gate & Curb Wrench For Water and Gas


Designed for the Water & Gas industries, a compact gate and curb key set that goes from 4-6 ft. A great key to keep behind the seat for an emergency.

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Sale! Photo of: Distance Measuring Wheel

Heavy Duty Distance Measuring Wheel


Trumbull’s Heavy-Duty Distance Measuring Wheel is ideal for laying out and measuring utility lines, road…

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A Container Ramp Set Up for a Container

Container Ramp Set


Got Ramps? We sell durable forklift ramps for containers. Using ramps enables you to drive…

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A Skid Steer Lock in Orange Color

E-Series Skidsteer Lock


The E-Series Skidsteer Lock simply slides around one of the skid loader’s drive control levers…

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Photo of Puck Lock

Puck Lock


Secure your valuables with a lock that provides unmatched protection for any equipment or surface,…

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