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Photo of: Rod End X 2-Hole End on Extended Shaft

Rod End X 2-Hole End on Extended Shaft


Used for operating the rod in rod style service boxes. 5/8 RD Handle has a 4″ Extended shaft in the center with standard 2 hole cover remover welded to it.

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Photo of Curb End Wrench

Curb End Wrenches


Curb keys are used in curb boxes such as the 2 1/2″ or 3″ Buffalo style 2-piece box. The curb end on the wrench goes directly onto “T” Head of the curb stop

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Photo of: Trumbull Socket Wrenches

Double Socket Ratchet Wrenches


Trumbull’s heavy-duty Double Socket Ratchet Wrenches can tighten nuts on long bolts or all-thread rod without…

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Two Hole End Wrench

2 Hole End Wrench


Our 2 hole keys are used to remove standard waterworks 2 hole style lids from…

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A Hand Pent Wrench in Black Color

Hand Pent Wrench


Our pent keys are used to remove standard water works pentagon bolts from service boxes,…

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A Cross Wrench in Metal on Transparent Background

16″ SB Cross Wrench


Our 16″ Cross Wrench has a 2 Hole cover remover, a standard 27/32″ flat to…

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